Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I la-la-la-loooovvveeeeee Levi's!

Thanks to all who participated and don't be sad if you didn't win! There is a cute outfit from Haddad Brands up for grabs in my 1,000 Fan Celebration!!!

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of jeans? Well, for me it is Levi's! I love them and guess what?!?! Haddad Brands has graciously provided me with several items for my daughter to try on and review! But wait, there's more! Make sure you read allll the way to the bottom! Why? Well, you'll just have to wait and see!

First outfit -
Levi's: Girls Flowered Skinny TShirt (sz S) & Girls Essential Knit Capri - Indigo Blue (sz 7)

This is my favorite outfit! I love the way it fits her just right! She is tall and lean so the skinny tshirt doesn't weigh her down or swallow her up. The capri pants are pull-on with an elastic wasteband. I appreciate this style because, even at her age, some buttons can be cumbersome. They wash nicely, keeping their shape, and dry great, keeping true to size! LOVE!

Also pictured -
I Heart Rock n Roll Royal Blue Mini Rose Earrings
Love Stitched Mini Lou Rosette Hair Pin

Second outfit -
Levi's: Girls Regular Skinny Flare (sz 7)

Since Haddad Brands only sent two shirts we had to mix and match with Emma's wardrobe which was fun! :) These jeans are really cute and made really well! I like them a lot. I really like that they fit her 'skinny' legs and flare at the bottom! A couple things to look out for is they are big for a size 7 so I am thankful they have those little elastic straps inside to pull in the waist. This worked out great and gives her some room to grow! Also, they are really loonnnggg so be sure you try them on your child first. Emma is tall for her age and she had to wear her tallest shoes so they wouldn't drag on the ground :) But don't think of this as a bad thing becuase she can grow into the waist and the legs!

Also pictured -
Faded Glory Shirt

Third Outfit -
Levi's: Denim Trucker Jacket (sz S) & Regular Slim Straight Jeans (sz 8)

This outfit was super fun! Emma decided she wanted to rock the shades! I love that girl! I really am a big fan of the Levi's Denim Jacket! I always have been! I don't think it ever goes out of style and this faded, washed grey look is so pretty and feminine. It is so nicely made too. I can tell it is going to last for awhile and that is what I look for in clothes for my kids.  The jeans came in a size 8 and were WAY too big but as I have said I am thankful to that person who invented the elastic waistand band thingy inside kids' clothes!  So, we pulled them in tight and cuffed her pants at the bottom (I'm seeing a trend that the jeans are made longer but this is a good thing!) and voila! She has an ultra cute pair of boyfriend fitting jeans! She is more fashionable than me! lol

Also pictured -
Target Brand Cami Tank
Love Stitched Headband

MISC Pieces -
Levi's: Tapered TShirt (sz S), Super Skinny Crop  Pants & Soft & Stretchy Leggings (sz 7)

These were just separate pieces included in the box - still great and I love them but decided to consolidate :)  The TShirt tapers out at the bottom to add some flare! Fun, flirty, and looks great with leggings!

The Super Skinny Crop Pants are so cute! Olive green and accented with copper buttons to add some flare! They come right to the ankle making them great for sandals or flip flops! They are made so nicely! High quality! As with all the other jeans the waist was slightly bigger than size 7's we are used to but not to worry with the built-in elastic waistband :) Emma did need help getting them off her feet because they fit snugly at the ankle but what are moms for? :)

The Soft & Stretchy Leggings look like jeans but are (as it says) leggings! I thought this was so cool! Even has faux pockets - CUTE! These were NOT too big anywhere and fit great! Emma did need help pulling them off her feet but she still loves them though!!!

Also pictured -
Exhiliration Brand Black Leggings, Peasant Top, & Brand TShirt

Love what you see? Haddad Brands is giving my readers a chance to win 2 Pairs of Super Skinny Crop Pants - Olive Green & Khaki (sz 10)! Retail Value: $38 each!!!!! 


Here's what you have to do to enter!
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Bonus Entries:
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Contest will end Wednesday, April 20th! Good luck!


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  4. I love their Nike brands for boys. I have a few Nike outfits for Jack. I also was very tempted to buy Jack some Air Jordan shoes last year, they would have been so cute!

  5. They offer Nike and Levi's for their clothes!!!

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