Saturday, July 23, 2011

My First Craft Show!

Hi My Lovelies....

Sorry I have been sporadic with my posts...I definitely need to schedule my days better! I also need to work on the layout of this blog...I am not liking it but that's a posting for another day! Today I am sharing the photots of my first craft show so I can link up with The Mrs. Craft Fair Linky Party! She has offered up some great ideas!

For my first show I did not have a lot of $$$ so I hit up the local thrift stores and painted everything to my taste! I also bought two new magnetic boards to hold my magnets. I maybe spend $50-$60 on ALL the decorations and paint I did not already own.  At the show I received tons of compliments and I saw where I could improve in the future :) I plan to start back in the fall so I have a little time to work on those things I'd like to improve.

I hope you enjoy!!!! Thanks Megan!!!

Peace, Love, & Rock n Roll,

Tricia L.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Need A T-Shirt Thay Says...

I survived Week 1 of P90x!

So, if I can do it so can you! This is me a few months ago when I said I was ready to get fit...well, I wasn' thing about changing your lifestyle (not going on a diet!) is that you have to be mentally ready as well and I wasn' I am! PS - I hate this pic but I'm showing it for inspiration!

4 weeks before school let out I started the Couch to 5k program (awesome!) It is a 9 week program and at the end you are running a 5K....I can tell you it does work! I only got to Week 5 because I do not have a babysitter and my kids do not want to run a 5K - lol. I am so disappointed I can't fit it in but I will hit it again the first chance I get. Running a 5K is on my bucket list!

Onto P90x...

Let me tell you, P90x is not as bad as everyone  makes it out to be! It is hard - YES but Tony Horton doesn't make you feel like a jerk if you can't keep up. They aren't perfect swimsuit models in matching sports bras and they aren't in sync like a country line dance - LOVE. THAT. PART! :) There are 3 options too...Classic, Lean, Doubles...I chose classic. Each day you focus on a specific area so you are constantly changing it up which is key! Here is my week in summary -

Day 1 - Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
Pain Level - Chest & Back: 5/10; Ab Ripper X: 10/10

Day 2 - Plyometrics (Cardio)
Pain Level - 8/10

Day 3 - Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X
Pain Level - Shoulders & Arms: 5/10; Ab Ripper X: 8/10

Day 4 - Yoga X
Pain Level - 6/10

Day 5 - Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
Pain Level - Legs & Back: 5/10; Ab Ripper X: 8/10

Day 6 - Kenpo (Cardio)
Pain Level - 7/10

Day 7 - Stretch X
Pain Level - 2/10

By the end of the first week I was sore but I could feel it improving as time went on which is so encouraging! I'm on a mission! My mission is to get fit! I don't want to be 'skinny' - I want to be fit! I hope in some way this encourages you to get started in some way! Any way! It doesn't have to be P90x! Take a walk, a bike ride! Anything!

I'm here for you! Well, I'm off to start Week 2! I plan to post update pics at the end of Week 4! Each week I'll do an update for you and I hope to add in some nutrition tips along the way! If there is anything you would like to know please ask!

Peace, love, & rock n roll \m/
Tricia L.