Saturday, July 23, 2011

My First Craft Show!

Hi My Lovelies....

Sorry I have been sporadic with my posts...I definitely need to schedule my days better! I also need to work on the layout of this blog...I am not liking it but that's a posting for another day! Today I am sharing the photots of my first craft show so I can link up with The Mrs. Craft Fair Linky Party! She has offered up some great ideas!

For my first show I did not have a lot of $$$ so I hit up the local thrift stores and painted everything to my taste! I also bought two new magnetic boards to hold my magnets. I maybe spend $50-$60 on ALL the decorations and paint I did not already own.  At the show I received tons of compliments and I saw where I could improve in the future :) I plan to start back in the fall so I have a little time to work on those things I'd like to improve.

I hope you enjoy!!!! Thanks Megan!!!

Peace, Love, & Rock n Roll,

Tricia L.


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