Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Basic Earring Tutorial

Hi Fabulous Fans!

Welcome to ALL my newcomers too! So glad to have you and I hope you stick around! :) For those of you that are new I just want to say I'm still a newbie at this so feel free to comment, suggest, constructively criticize, and so on! I want this blog to be about US - not me and 1001 ways to take pictures of me. If you have a small business please feel free to contact me about blog swaps, product reviews, etc! I'd love to help you grow your business! :)

This is my first EVER tutorial! I did it for my friend Kelli over at Small Town Stitcher but since I have so many new followers I thought I would share with you too! Hope you enjoy!

Now, for the tutorial I chose the basic earring. Once you master the wire-wrapping technique you can make all sorts of other jewelry so this is the best thing to learn right away! This is my first tutorial so I tried to take tons of pictures!!! Please feel free to contact me,, with any questions, comments, and/or suggestions you may have! I would love to hear from you!

  • Gather your tools - you will need round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, and cutters (these tools are easily found at all craft stores and even Walmart).
  • Gather your headpins, desired earwires, and beads - I used 1-1/2 inch headpins, leverbacks with open loop, and beads (make sure the beads you choose do not exceed half the length of the headpin). 

  • Slide your beads on the headpin in the order desired.

  • Using the round-nose pliers grab the headpin right above the top bead.

  • Push the headpin away from you to a 90 degree angle.

Side view of the 90 degree angle.
  • Keeping hold of the headpin slide the round-nose pliers to face  up (see picture) so the nose is stacked vertically. Take the headpin and pull it up, over (in one motion), and down.

Side view of this step - should look like a ?

  • Keeping hold of the headpin slide the round-nose pliers to face back in the original position and push the headpin underneath and away from you creating a loop! :)

  • Using the flat-nose pliers grab the loop (keeping it flat between the nose), take your other hand grabbing the tail of the headpin and wrap it around the headpin above the beads keeping it close to each revolution until you are flush with the top bead.

  • Cut the excess tail as close to the top bead as you can. You will see a little bit of the tail left which is okay! Take the flat-nose pliers and smoosh the tail to lay flush with the wrapping.

  • Using the flat-nose pliers open the loop on the earwire, slide your earring on and close! You are done!!!!!! :)


My goal is to post more! What would you like to see?

Thanks for your support!

Peace & Love,

Tricia L.


  1. LOVED that tutorial! Thanks for doing it, I will be putting that one into practice! Do you use crimping beads for necklaces at all? I am always afraid I'm not doing it properly, or that it's not tight enough. I am always wary that my necklace or bracelet (or more importantly, the ones I make for my mom)are going to just come apart and fly everywhere! I'd love to see a tutorial on that! :) Oh, and stretchy bracelets! What is the best and hardiest way to tie them off for kids! :)

  2. Love the post! This is a great tutorial and kind of you to share with us!