Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello My Peeps!


I've missed you all so much! Life has been...hectic! I went back to work shortly after my last posting (LAST YEAR) and it has been a whirlwind ever since! But I'm finally back and ready to rock out again!

I was working nights for the year until recently and for me it not working out well with the fam....SO when the opportunity came to work days I jumped on it and let me tell you it has been making a HUGE difference! For 1) the fam is so happy! Yay! 2) I am crafting AGAIN! Double Yay! I am so much more content when I'm creating...:)

I have been busy creating away and I have made a new friend! Meet Kathi from Holdway Photography! She and I are doing business! Woohoo! I just mailed out a huge box of goodies for her to photograph! I'm so excited! No more fighting lighting and angles and all that I'm no good So go show her some love and tell her I said HI!

Today I've been chilling at home with the hubster and making a new Christmas wreath...I totally missed decorating for fall so I am getting a jump start on Christmas or my little bitty will disown me for a new j/k (I hope!) As we all know Pinterest is AWESOME and I found the idea for my new wreath there....Below are the pins if you are interested in my inspiration...


So pretty right? I headed to Dollar Tree to buy ornaments and feather boas then I stopped off at Lowe's to buy the plumber's tubing...So far I have less than $10 into my wreath but I went big and did not cut down the tubing so I am heading back to Dollar Tree tomorrow for more ornaments and feather boas - LOL


I will post pictures of the finished product soon. What do you think?

Well, I'm off for now but I'll be back soon!!!! Would love to hear from you!!!!!!!!

Peace, love, and rock n roll!


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  1. So, did you finish it? I saved this post in my google reader until I could find the time to sit down and read it/comment. Glad to see you are finding time to balance crafting back into your schedule. Missed you! :)